Laser Therapy

Our Laser Surgical suite is equipped with the latest advances in patient care.  The laser allows us to perform surgery without the use of a scalpel blade, virtually eliminating bleeding during surgery.  This results in less time under anesthesia, and a reduced risk to your pet, as well as less pain.

Pain can actually delay healing, and we firmly believe that no pet should ever have to be uncomfortable.  At the Fountains of Boynton Animal Hospital, pain management is a priority.

Our anesthesia protocols are among the most advanced possible, based on recommendations from Board-Certified anesthesiologists.  Each patient benefits from intensive vital sign monitoring while under anesthesia - Blood Pressure, Electrocardiogram, Blood Oxygen level, and Body Temperature are all monitored diligently to ensure your pet's safety.  Every patient receives intravenous fluids during their procedure.


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