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  • "The front staff is always welcoming in an extremely warm & friendly manner. They are one's first impression coming in the door and you couldn't ask for any improvement in this area. Great Staff!! Dr. Banting explained everything in detail followed by a written document outlining the same info as what was given verbally. That is an improvement over processes followed at other facilities."
    -Pamela B.
  • "A wonderful experience! I have been to a number of practices between Boca Raton and Boynton Beach. There is never a long wait. Everyone is welcomed with a family like greeting. Very informative and helpful. The services are provided in the most caring way , so that your pet will love to go see his vet. Not the scary person behind the mask w- needles, soap and water. Very homelike and inviting for the customers and their pets.

    All good ! I would refer any friends with animals to this vet. My neighbor has become a new client for her dog since my first visit. Keep on doing what you do!"
    -Stacey B
  • "My family and I have brought our dogs to Dr. Glenn Blankman (when he worked at Academy Animal Hospital) in 1986, upon getting our first dog. Soon thereafter, "Princess" got a sister, "Heidi". While both dogs were generally healthy, Princess "made friends" with a Bufo Toad. I was about ten and my parents tried to remain calm, as they frantically paged Dr. Blankman. During my college years in 2000, I adopted a dog from the Tallahassee-Leon Co. Humane Society and, though she is quite shy, Dr. Blankman ALWAYS spends quality time with her prior to the exam---often, getting on the floor and playing with her.Regarding the facility, I have NEVER seen a more sanitary and beautifully kept office--medical or not!

    I most DEFINITELY recommend taking the drive to Boynton Beach Blvd. and visiting Fountains of Boyntain Animal Hospital!"
    -Julie B.
  • "dr. blankman is a great vet . he has taken care of my bear for a long time .bear was a keeshond and we just loved taking him to dr . blankman for his great services. also, he had taken care our cat that we had also. dr . blankman had a great personality and you can tell he loves what he does."
    -Nadia W.
  • "I have been going to Fountains of Boynton Animal Hospital for almost two years now and absolutely love this vet. And after my cat's inevitable passing the office sent me a sympathy card that I still keep displayed on my desk at home. I recently adopted a rescue kitten from their office who was hit by a car and brought in by another patron. They nursed this cat back to health at their own expense and then the office manager called me personally to see if I wanted to adopt her. I of course could not refuse, and have felt that it is a family reunion every time I've brought the cat back in to the office. I feel that the cost of services represents the quality of care that is given to my animals which is extremely important to me. I have never met an unkind or rude person in this office and am always greeted with a welcoming smile and warm attitude. I would highly recommend this vet to anyone!"
    -Aislinn W.
  • "We have been using Fountains for over 10 years. We are snow birds and when we walk in every November we are treated wirh a very warm welcome.Dr. Blankman was able to regulate our 2 dogs Kate and Ally that were BOTH diabetic. Due to Dr. Blankman our 2 dogs, Maxx and Mojo have sparkly teeth, we brush daily.We have had WONDERFUL experiences with Visits,Boarding, COMPASSION and the vets and staff actually liking what they do. It shines thru......
    Thank , the Drs. and staff for their knowledge,compassion and being on top of todays healthcare for all our animals. The Johnsons"
    -Abby J.
  • "I have three dogs and have been using this Hospital for over 10 years now and love them. My dogs are Healthy and Happy and still act like puppies even though 2 are 12 yrs. old and 1 is 10 yrs. old."
    -Marcy G.
  • "New to area and the staff and vets there made me feel welcomed, took excellent care of my dog, kind friendly people, excellent veterinary care, beautiful clean hospital."
    -Jade M.
  • "Just keep doing what you are doing. Perfection is hard to improve on, but I am sure you will find a way 'cause that's just how you operate! I thank the day we found you."
    -Mary H.
  • "The Doctors and Staff are very good and caring which is very much appreciated."
    -Maria M.
  • "I thought Heather was awesome, as well as Dr. Blankman. Heather took the time to show me the entire facility. Boarding rooms, surgi center, park to walk the dogs. All spotless. We couldn't be more happy. Everyone associated with the practice was wonderful."
    -Marcy S.
  • "Facility has always been clean and attractive. Everyone is pleasant. Very happy with the care that Mya receives. When I travel and leave Mya to board I can go away and not worry...Stephanie is just wonderful and caring. I have recommended to several people and have recommended for boarding also...a friend whose dog did not do well boarding at another vet did very well at Fountains."
    -Syneth M.

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