Kenny Roman - Hospital Manager


I was born and raised in the Bronx, NY and grew up working with my father as an oil burner technician before becoming a maintenance worker.

During a contract for maintenance at an animal hospital, I found my calling to the veterinary field. After bringing my beloved dog Blackie in for a checkup, they found she had breast cancer and I was so devastated. The day I had to let go was the day I understood how much our furry friends depend on us to be their voice, and care for them as we would ourselves.

I vowed to be an advocate for pets' healthcare and began shadowing the hospital's veterinarians and technicians, learning all he could about animals' wellbeing. After a time, I was offered a Kennel Assistant job and then eventually became a veterinarian technician and a surgical technician.

I also worked at several NY hospitals, including the ASPCA, an opportunity in Florida presented itself back in 2006, I moved to Miami to join a small animal hospital as Head Veterinary Technician, and now after many years of training and gaining knowledge, I serve as Hospital Manager. I continue to learn more every day and enjoy making a difference in the lives of our furry friends. In my free time, I enjoy visiting family, spending time at the beach, fishing and I love to cook .